Guide to Resource Consent Part 4

Part 4 – Resource Consent

Assessment of Environmental Effects &  Public Consultation – Resource Consent

resource consent part 4

Assessment of Environmental Effects

If you need to obtain a Resource Consent, then the district/city or regional council should also explain how to go about preparing an assessment of environmental effects (AEE). Every application for a Resource Consent must include an assessment of environmental effects.

An AEE identifies all the environmental effects, positive and negative, of a proposed activity, and ways in which any negative effects can be prevented or reduced.   The amount of information the council requires will depend on the activity proposed and the kind of Resource Consent you need.   Therefore, if the application is for a large subdivision then a large details AEE is required where if you are carrying out a two lot subdivision a smaller application is required.


 Public Consultation

Council staff might also tell you whether you need to seek approval from affected people to avoid your application being notified.  If so, they’ll let you know who those

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˜affected persons are once your application is lodged, and the initial assessment is complete.

You can also carry out consultation with affected people before you lodge the application.   To identify people who are effected you need to include or think about groups like the Department of Conservation, local tangata whenua, and/or immediate neighbours.   You may choose to talk to these people before lodging your application and explain the activity you wish to undertake and discuss what issues they may have with this.   By identifying any issues before lodgement you can resolve these and include the resolutions in your application.   You can also ask for affected parties to sign a form saying they support the proposal.

Doing this before the resource consent is lodged saves time in the processing of the application.


Part 5:  coming soon!

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