A goodGround Guide to Resource Consents: Part 6


Guide to Resource Consents

Councils will normally charge you an administration fee for considering your application, and they may also charge for ongoing monitoring.  Costs range from council to council, but generally non-notified consents cost between $500 and $3000 and notified consents cost between $3000 and $10,000.

From July 2010, if the council does not process an application on time and it is the councils fault, the council must refund part of the application fee.

Further Information

If you require further help with understanding if you need a resource consent or help lodging a resource consent you can ask to meet council who can give assistance in lodging your consent or you can go to a consultancy where an environmental planner can put the application together and lodge the resource consent on your behalf.

Other people in the community that may be able to assist or provide advice include:

– Any staff at goodGround Real Estate Ltd office
– the citizens advice bureau

– environment and legal centers
– legal advisers
– the Ministry for the Environment website
– resource management consultants

Check your local community directory or the Yellow Pages to find out how to contact them.

However it is always a good idea to talk to your local city or district council first. Council staff can help you look through the relevant plans and work out whether you’ll need a resource consent.



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