Dub Dub

Dub Dub

Virtual Dog

Dub Dub’s full name is WWW  Dub Dub for short.  Dub Dub was born a virtual dog and was educated on a real estate website specialising in lifestyle blocks. From an early age she exhibited excellent skills at helping city folk make life changing decisions.  Her knowledge of matters rural and matters real estate have made her an extremely valuable member of the goodGround Real Estate team.

Dub Dub’s presence in the Waipu community is also highly valued by all the kids in the district.  Her extraordinary ability to play hide and seek sees her semi-hidden in a number of retail shops in the Waipu and Ruakaka Villages .  The Waipu, Ruakaka and One Tree Point Primary Schools gets a boost to their school funds every time Dub Dub is found by one of the children.  This happens every month much to the delight of all concerned.

Dub Dub’s training is on-going and her skills and knowledge are available to all goodGround clients and customers.  Her mission is to make sure Life is better here! So when you see Dub Dub again give her a virtual pat, after all she is your best friend in real estate.


Favourite Sport:  Fetch, dog trialling and rugby

Favourite Food: Tux

Recreational Interests: Other dogs, rolling in cow poop, sleeping in the sun

Professional Interests: Lifestyle and rural real estate

Best Holidays: The field days

Likes going to: The beach and the farm

Favourite Music: Anything by Cat Stevens

Best Movie: Footrot Flats, A Dogs Tail

Best Song: Slice of Heaven and How Much is That Doggie in the Window

Best Drink: From the trough