Needing Mortgage Advice?

Onsite Specialist Mortgage Advice – Fridays at goodGround Office, Waipu Mortgage Advice specialist,  Mike Whittaker of  Mike Whittaker Mortgages is onsite at our office from 9.00am Fridays, and is available during the weekend by appointment. Save you Money – Mike Whittaker Mortgages offers a free service and can save you money by getting the best deal […]

Is your home priceless?

Do you know the value of your home? PROPERTY APPRAISALS Most Real Estate companies offer a Comparative Market Appraisal (CMA) to their clients.  The standard and calibre of these CMA’s vary wildly.  I have seen one page “guestimates” on one hand and professionally presented bound documents running up to 20 pages plus, on the other! […]

Power to the Buyers

New Zealand Herald article – By Maria Slade Find out more about goodGround’s Buyers Agency… A Northland real estate firm has set itself up as a “buyer’s agent” – whereby a property buyer pays it to work for them, rather than the seller. Waipu-based goodGround Real Estate says it has done three deals in which […]