Environmental Awareness

New Zealander’s are proud of New Zealand’s clean green image and committed to living in this environment in a way that meets our social, economic and environmental needs – now and in the future. Sustainability integrates this concern for social, economic and environmental issues, and involves thinking broadly about objectives, considering long-term as well as […]

Understanding Animal Behaviour

Understanding Animal Behaviour

To handle cattle correctly, an understanding of animal behaviour is essential. The greater the handler’s knowledge of cattle behaviour, the better will be their ability to predict an animal’s response. When you can do that the job will get done quicker and easier with less chance of injury to animals or people. Cattle, because of […]

Making Money from Cattle

Making Money from Cattle

What breed of cattle should you choose? Every breed of beef cattle has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on the terrain, production facility and current market circumstances. To give you an idea of the range of choices, the following is a list of all the cattle breeding associations in New Zealand: Angus, Aubrac, Belgian Blue, […]

Guide to Spacing Between Trees

Use the table below to decide correct Spacing –  how far apart to plant trees on your lifestyle block. The best times of the year for planting are during the autumn months of April to May or late winter – spring (August – September). Planting outside the cooler winter months means that a lot of watering may be required […]

Honey Trade in Northland – Northland apiaries

Honey Trade in Northland – Northland apiaries

Making money, honey: Northland apiaries, making honey on your own land The rise in popularity of Northland apiaries is not surprising, considering the continually rising cost of honey! We’re a sweet-loving nation, and our love affair with this glorious golden sweetener is legendary. It makes perfect sense then, that more and more Northland landowners are […]

Tiny house options

Tiny houses vs safari tents – let’s take a closer look Looking at living off-grid? We take a look at the tiny house vs the safari tent – the practicalities, the aesthetics, and of course, the costs! If you’re thinking of joining the off-grid or tiny home lifestyle community, then chances are you’ve already investigated the options […]

About Raw Milk – What you need to know

Lets talk about Raw Milk With consumers becoming more aware of the origin of their food, raw milk is gaining in popularity. There are many questions swirling around the raw milk movement, so let’s take a closer look at the benefits, the safety and where to get raw milk. What is raw milk? Raw milk […]

Home Orchards

Planning and planting your home orchard Unlike commercial orchards with their regimental rows, your home orchard can be created from as many different types of fruit trees and berries as you like, in any number of creative layouts. Don’t forget – if you’re short on space, fruiting trees don’t need to be confined to your […]

Best trees for boundaries

The good, the bad and the fastest growing! The best neighbour is one you can’t see – find out which are the best trees for boundaries and fence lines, giving you privacy in any situation! While many of us may dream of living on large lifestyle blocks, the reality is that most of us will […]