Unusual lifestyle block uses in NZ

Unusual lifestyle block uses in NZ – from ducks and chillies to tamarillos! Completed surveys from the recent Northland Field days revealed some interesting and unusual lifestyle block uses in NZ. The goodGround team were thrilled to receive so many surveys, and we were surprised by what people in Northland are using their lifestyle blocks […]

Popular Chicken Breeds For New Zealand Lifestyle Blocks

Fowl Play  Popular Chicken Breeds for your Lifestyle Block If you’ve got a lifestyle block and you want to enjoy fresh-laid eggs for your breakfast, we’ve put together a list of popular chicken breeds for NZ lifestyle blocks. Whether you’re after great layers or chooks that are great for meat, these five chicken breeds cover […]

Whangarei Living Environments

Living Environments or Zones? Understanding Whangarei District Council City Plans Running a city can get complicated, so to avoid confusion, WDC has renamed the different zones of Whangarei. The zones are now known as Environments, and, as with every other town or city in New Zealand, these Environments break our city up into sections to […]

Guide to Resource Consent Part 4

Part 4 – Resource Consent Assessment of Environmental Effects &  Public Consultation – Resource Consent Assessment of Environmental Effects If you need to obtain a Resource Consent, then the district/city or regional council should also explain how to go about preparing an assessment of environmental effects (AEE). Every application for a Resource Consent must include […]

Guide to Resource Consents part 3

Resource Consents Part 3 Resource Consents part 3 – If you’re thinking about buying some land, a business or a building, or you want to subdivide land, discharging waste water into a stream, moving earth, or discharging pollution into the air and these plans fall outside the rules in your regional or district Plans you […]

A goodGround Guide to Resource Consents: Part 6

Costs Councils will normally charge you an administration fee for considering your application, and they may also charge for ongoing monitoring.  Costs range from council to council, but generally non-notified consents cost between $500 and $3000 and notified consents cost between $3000 and $10,000. From July 2010, if the council does not process an application […]

Environmental Awareness

New Zealander’s are proud of New Zealand’s clean green image and committed to living in this environment in a way that meets our social, economic and environmental needs – now and in the future. Sustainability integrates this concern for social, economic and environmental issues, and involves thinking broadly about objectives, considering long-term as well as […]