Lifestyle Block Assessment Guide

We’ve put together a handy guide on the top 8 things you need to look into if you’re looking at buying a lifestyle block. We can provide a detailed assessment on any of our properties, digging further into all the important aspects covered here. 1. Aspect assessment The aspect (how the land lies) of your […]

Jobs in Ruakaka

Jobs in Ruakaka and Mardsen Point If you dream of living the country life, yet have doubts about jobs in Northland – well, we’re here to set your mind at ease. Marsden Point is an area located within easy commuting distance of both Waipu township and Whangarei city centre, offering a wealth of employment opportunities […]

Jobs in Northland Forestry

Be part of a growing industry Jobs in Northland Forestry are on the rise. Making a move to Northland wise! Do you gaze longingly at images of Northland’s beaches and imagine you and your family living there? There has never been a better time to move to Northland. The lifestyle is fantastic, the weather is […]

Private Sales Are Losing You Money

4 traps of the home-sell movement Private sales are a false economy, and Northlanders are bearing the brunt of this online trend. It seems the lure of zero commission private sales is causing many Northlanders to bypass real estate agencies in favour of Trademe sales and roadside advertising. It’s easy to understand the attraction – […]

Live the Kiwi dream!

Holiday homes tick all the right boxes! For those of us who are getting a bit tired of unpacking tents, eating warm salads from chilly bins and waiting in line to use the long drop, owning a good old Kiwi bach is looking better than ever! And thanks to our extensive coastlines, it’s still possible […]

Reasons to leave Auckland #2

Improving your Quality of Life One Family’s experience: Improving your quality of life by moving to the country For Tracey and her husband, the decision to move to the green fields of Northland came from a desire to improve the quality of their lives: but it was by no means an easy process. Sacrifices had […]

Reasons to leave Auckland #1

Your veggies are shrink-wrapped! It’s not hard to find reasons to leave Auckland. Don’t get me wrong, we love the city for a weekend away or a bit of jazzy nightlife, but too many of our friends are caught in the city-trap lifestyle of work hard, spend more, work harder, spend more, work… well, you get […]