Fencing your Lifestyle Block

One of the first big jobs you will need to undertake on your lifestyle block will be the construction of a good boundary fence. Why? Because a lifestyle block is by definition larger than your average home plot, meaning that you will likely be unable to view your boundaries or effectively control your livestock, pets […]

Lifestyle Block Money-Makers

Will Cattle make you Money? While full-scale dairy or beef farming is beyond most of us, many land owners are now considering the financial benefits of raising cattle on their lifestyle blocks – and for very good reason. With an increase in lifestyle property owners across NZ, it is inevitable that interest in lifestyle farming […]

Environmental Awareness

New Zealander’s are proud of New Zealand’s clean green image and committed to living in this environment in a way that meets our social, economic and environmental needs – now and in the future. Sustainability integrates this concern for social, economic and environmental issues, and involves thinking broadly about objectives, considering long-term as well as […]

Understanding Animal Behaviour

To handle cattle correctly, an understanding of animal behaviour is essential. The greater the handler’s knowledge of cattle behaviour, the better will be their ability to predict an animal’s response. When you can do that the job will get done quicker and easier with less chance of injury to animals or people. Cattle, because of […]