Business Breakfast – October 18th 2019

Come and join us at The Cobham Oval, Whangarei for our next Business Breakfast Our next goodGround Business Breakfast is scheduled for Friday 18th October at 7.30am at The Plus Pavillion-Cobham Oval, Whangarei (Northland Cricket Association) Our guest speaker will be: Paul Jellick – The owner of Northland Raw Milk and a dairy farm in […]

RESENE Architect’s memo no. 136: Eolian transport PART TWO

Author: Colin Gooch, Resene technical Director. Australia is continuously generous to New Zealand, never more so than in 1928 when, over four days 206 gms m2 were deposited “throughout most of New Zealand” following a massive dust storm.* Taking the area affected to be 56% of our land mass (because it makes the maths easier), this equates […]

RESENE Architect’s memo no. 136: Eolian transport PART ONE

Author: Colin Gooch, Resene technical Director. Late afternoon in what has been quite a beautiful autumn. The setting sun streams through the lounge windows, bathing everything in a roseate glow and highlighting – every particle of dust that sits on every surface! My wife hates this time of day!! Where does it come from? Well, […]

Billion Tree Blessing

Author: Susan Harris – GreenXperts (Founder and Principal) I’ve been a bit bemused to read media coverage lately about some parties complaining that the Billion Tree Funding Programme (1BT) and the NZ Government’s changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS) are leading to an exodus from hill country farming.  Apparently, large numbers of farms are […]

About Raw Milk – What you need to know

Lets talk about Raw Milk With consumers becoming more aware of the origin of their food, raw milk is gaining in popularity. There are many questions swirling around the raw milk movement, so let’s take a closer look at the benefits, the safety and where to get raw milk. What is raw milk? Raw milk […]

goodGround Careers Evening

Thinking of a change in career? Ever considered a career in Real Estate? Contact us about our next careers evening! Why not come along to our Careers Evening and learn all about what is involved in becoming a licensed Real Estate Salesperson. We will also tell you about the exciting and rewarding career prospects we […]

Property Management PART TWO

What does goodGround Property management have to offer? goodGround Real Estate Ltd is a Northland based company that can help you ensure the best return on your investment property by offering you a custom service specific to your needs. This may include: An initial market rental appraisal in writing for your approval Marketing of your […]

What is Property Management? PART ONE

Property Management is the overseeing of Residential, Industrial or Commercial Real Estate. This can include apartments, houses or shop fronts etc. Property Management is a way to allow property owners to share the burden of maintaining their investment. This is in order to get and maintain the best return possible. Property managers are responsible for […]

A day in the life of a rural salesperson

Coping with the unexpected The alarm goes off at 5:00am.  My eyes are open but I can’t see anything.  I realize that this is due to daylight saving.  How stupid is that?  Only last week when I awoke it was light enough to see.  Mentally consigning the rule makers to the ranks of “worse than […]