Fencing your Lifestyle Block

One of the first big jobs you will need to undertake on your lifestyle block will be the construction of a good boundary fence. Why? Because a lifestyle block is by definition larger than your average home plot, meaning that you will likely be unable to view your boundaries or effectively control your livestock, pets […]

Moving to Mangawhai?

10 reasons why you NEED to live here! The thriving Northland community of Mangawhai offers locals and visitors alike a warm, welcoming atmosphere with plenty to do and see. Located a scenic 80 minutes’ drive north of Auckland, Mangawhai is a mere 5 kms from Mangawhai Heads; one of the region’s top holiday destinations. Within […]

Why Buy Now?

The Winter Market has not slowed for us In fact we have experienced 30% more sales than this exact time in 2012 This begs the question, why buy now? Competition drives prices up; three properties sold by goodGround salespeople in the last two months sold at higher prices than the vendors paid six months prior.  One […]

Tips for Smart Investors

Tips for Smart Investors Smart Investors – Don’t be tempted to buy a property just because it looks good or is new or large or any other desirable single feature – unless the location is also suitable for investment. Keep an eye on any formerly unloved areas where first home buyers have started to move […]

Aucklanders moving north

Aucklanders moving north in search of cheaper homes and better lifestyles Northern Advocate 10th July Issue Article reads: With Real Estate Institute figures showing median house prices were $555,000 last month in Auckland, where many suburbs have average prices of more than $1 million, Northland homes are comparative bargains with their June median of $293,000. […]

Guide to Resource Consent Part 4

Part 4 – Resource Consent Assessment of Environmental Effects &  Public Consultation – Resource Consent Assessment of Environmental Effects If you need to obtain a Resource Consent, then the district/city or regional council should also explain how to go about preparing an assessment of environmental effects (AEE). Every application for a Resource Consent must include […]

Guide to Resource Consents part 3

Resource Consents Part 3 Resource Consents part 3 – If you’re thinking about buying some land, a business or a building, or you want to subdivide land, discharging waste water into a stream, moving earth, or discharging pollution into the air and these plans fall outside the rules in your regional or district Plans you […]

Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules 2012

In 2012 the Real Estate Agents Act (Professional Conduct and Client Care) Rules were updated and took effect on 8 April 2013. These rules are prepared by the Real Estate Agents Authority and constitute the Professional conduct and Client Care Rules required by section 14 of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. They set out the […]