Marsden City

With the recent rise in popularity of land in the greater Bream Bay area, Marsden City has the potential to become the state of the art city of the future its developers meant it to be.

Occupying 83 hectares of flat land, Marsden City is set out into 88 titles of urban Mixed Use Zone development land, with resource consent for a further 45 residential sections. Most of the hard work has already been done here, with a sealed network of roads, preliminary infrastructure services laid for telecommunications, fibre optic cabling, ultra-fast broadband and waste water connections.

Originally developed for the purpose of being a commercial and light industrial hub, its located close to the prestigious development of Marsden Cove. A great deal of thought and planning has gone into Marsden City, with many architects, planners and landscapers putting time into its development. It’s a state of the art, city for the future, which offers a myriad of commercial opportunities for retail, commercial and light industrial businesses.

When it was placed into receivership midway through 2015, progress screeched to a halt, and it looked as though Marsden City was dead in the water. However, due to the sheer number of people selling up and leaving Auckland, interest in the greater Bream Bay area has grown significantly. People are weary of the high-paced, high-priced, high-stressed existence in our bigger centres. Many of these people see Northland as an excellent alternative to places such as Auckland, and all these new people will need places to live and work. Marsden City offers a perfect location for families looking for a new place to live.

It’s all about quality of lifestyle – people are looking for the kind of lifestyle their whole family can enjoy. They can sell up in Auckland, buy a great piece of land, build the house of their dreams and still have plenty of money left over to enjoy the rich lifestyle Northland offers.

There are many reasons why you should consider Marsden City for your commercial venture – location is one of them. It’s right beside SH1, which sees a huge amount of traffic every day. The city layout is designed to leverage off this flow of traffic by encouraging customers into the commercial zone.