First Home Buyers Guide in Whangarei District

First Home Buyers

Guide to Recent Property Sales


Here at goodGround we wanted to present first home buyers with some current statistical data regarding the median residential prices that properties in Whangarei suburbs have been selling for and the monetary amount of a deposit that you would require to purchase a property in those suburbs. We have based our figures on a 20% deposit. This is a great guide and provides a overview of the central Whangarei district which is where many first home buyers in the region will begin their search.

If its your current goal or perhaps a New Years resolution to get into your first home, this guide will assist you in understanding what has been occurring in the market and will show you what areas will best suit your current budget. This information can also help you establish if your desired locality doesn’t quite meet your budget. This will mean its a good time to revisit your budget and come up with some strategies to make your first home ideals a reality.

Goodground has a fantastic mortgage broker Mike Whittaker who is available to assist you with advice in securing your home loan. Mike knows what it is like to buy a home for the first time  He walks the walk and knows the ins and outs of mortgage lending. Please follow this link to Mikes website page specifically designed for first home buyers.

The figures below have been obtained from the QV website. You can access this information yourself by following this link you will be able to select different search criteria and view other suburbs outside of Whangarei District if city living is not what you had in mind.

The information contained below covers the period from 1st June 2016 – 31st August 2016



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