Houses for sale in Parua Bay

Parua Bay: the rural suburb that’s heating up!

If you’re in the market for a house in Parua Bay, Northland, then you’ll want to read our handy local guide – there’s a very good reason why Parua Bay is becoming one of Whangarei’s hottest real estate options, and it’s not just due to the easy 20-min commute! Read on to find out why Parua Bay is a winner in the housing market.

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Under the mountain, beside the sea, surrounded by nature

One of the most obvious attractions of living out at Whangarei Heads is, of course, the stunning scenery. With the mystical Mt Manaia dominating the horizon, and turquoise waters visible from most sites, Parua Bay has everything from bush to ocean well and truly covered. Being one of Northland’s biggest kiwi reintegration success stories, the Whangarei Heads coastal forests are simply teeming with well-established kiwi: it’s not uncommon to hear them calling in the evenings, and there are many signs warning drivers to travel carefully at night. For bird lovers, there are many perks to living in the Parua Bay and Whangarei Heads area; kaka numbers have been steadily increasing, and these large, playful, raucous parrots are a delight to watch as they tumble through the air. Many homes in Parua Bay are treated to the sight of the migratory Royal Spoonbill; a large pure-white heron-looking bird with a spectacular ruff of feathers and a very distinctive flattened, spoon-shaped bill. Of course, the tui, fantails, and the wood pigeon or kereru are never far from sight either, and the elusive shining cuckoo can often be heard singing it’s fluting, trailing call from trees in the area during the warmer months. True bird lovers will be excited to hear the North Island robin has been reintroduced to the Bream Head area, and signs are looking good that the population is doing well.

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Schools: local kindergartens, day cares and primary schools

The Parua Bay area is lucky to have some of Whangarei’s most beautifully-situated schools. The historic Parua Bay School is located overlooking the Whangarei Harbour, and features an easy walkway down to the waterside and mangrove reserve; which is well-used in the school’s enviro studies. The decile 9 full primary school has a roll of over 360, and offers many expanded learning options for it’s keen students. Parua Bay School opened in 1871; and was relocated to its present site in 1872. For those of you who love the idea of a small, bush-school environment, then a short drive over to Whangarei Heads School will tick many boxes. This is another decile 9 school, with a much smaller roll of just over 100 students. Nestled in gorgeous bush at the foot of Mount Manaia, there is a real magic here that must be felt to be believed.

Back to Parua Bay however: the local Parua Bay Kindergarten is outstanding, offering preschool care to children aged 4 and up. With strong enviro ethics and a healthy eating, healthy living focus, this kindergarten is a true asset to the community. For parents who need slightly more time up their sleeves when it comes to childcare, Parua Bay Childcare (known locally as ‘Pukeko Place’ due to its location on the road of the same name) is a stellar option. Offering top-quality care and a genuinely loving family feel, this daycare has everything your child could wish for.

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Shops, cafes and MORE!

To make the deal even sweeter, Parua Bay has everything you could need for a comfortable family life. A gas station (often offering freshly baked artisan bread and locally-grown vegies and fruit), a fantastic café, a fully-stocked Four Square, a liquor outlet, a DVD rental outlet, bakery, gym, medical centre and hairdressing salon are all located in the Parua Bay village. The growing population in this area has prompted more businesses to open their doors; giving Parua Bay locals everything they could wish for right on their doorsteps.

Think Parua Bay could be the right location for your next home? Take a look at our current properties in the area, or contact our team for a friendly chat about your options.


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