Jobs in Whangarei – why not consider a career in a growing region?

If you thought that Whangarei was a backwater town with nothing to offer those looking for work – think again!

With so many significant and exciting initiatives being rolled out, things are really starting to take off for this northern region. Whangarei is experiencing a boom across a range of sectors, so there has never been a better time to look for jobs in Whangarei.

Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan

This forward-thinking plan, announced earlier in 2016, has the potential to give a significant boost to Northland’s economic prospects. If it is successfully implemented, it will translate into an increase of jobs in Whangarei.  Several areas of growth have been targeted by the economic action plan – transport and IT infrastructure, tourism, horticulture, aquaculture and education, so there are a wide range of employment opportunities, ready and waiting for job seekers to take advantage of.

Transport jobs in Whangarei

The Puhoi to Wellsford Road of National Significance is one of the major developments covered by the action plan, and will create jobs in Whangarei, in a number of sectors. The first stage of this multi-carriage motorway is set to be completed in 2022, and it will quite literally open up the North with travelling times to Auckland being greatly reduced. This initiative will create a wealth of jobs in the transport and freight sector with many of these jobs being based in Whangarei.

Tourism jobs in Whangarei

This new motorway will bring a greater volume of tourists to Whangarei, thus creating more tourism jobs.  There is so much to see and do in and around Whangarei and throughout Northland in general, and this new road will open the tourism industry right up.

Loathe it or love it, the controversial Hundertwasser Arts Centre, or HAC, is already creating a buzz, and looks poised to generate many jobs in Whangarei. The Hundertwasser Public Toilets in Kawakawa draws a huge number of tourists to the Bay of Islands every year, and the HAC is set to attract many, many more.  The projected increase of tourists means more jobs in Whangarei – and not just in the tourism sector. Retail and hospitality are also set to reap the rewards of bigger tourist flow through the city.

So, if you want a career in the thriving tourism industry in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, Whangarei is the place to look for work.

IT jobs in Whangarei

Another significant development outlined in the economic action plan is the Hawaiki Submarine Telecommunications Cable which is expected to be completed in 2018. Faster broadband speeds are just the start – this trans pacific cable will link New Zealand and Australia to the US West Coast via Hawaii, and is a game-changer in terms of employment opportunities it will open up. It truly will be a boon for all sorts of businesses and has the potential to create jobs not just in IT.

Not only will you be pleased with the range of jobs in Whangarei, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at what your dollar can get you in terms of real estate.

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