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The property operates commercially as a macadamia nut orchard, macadamia nut processor, trader and marketer. The modern pack house supplies the wholesale trade with freshly cracked and packed macadamia kernel.  Raw nut in shell is produced on the orchard , processed and sold through the pack house.

Supplementary crop is purchased from other Northland orchards and processed and marketed in the same way.

All product is sold under the registered trade mark AOTEA ( Class 31.)  No retail or export product is produced with all product being sold in the wholesale market.

The orchard comprises approx 600 mature trees on two hectares. Production is just over 1000kgs (nut in shell). With better tree husbandry this should be able to be increased two to four times.

In 2012 the business purchased in additional nut in shell for processing and marketing of up to nine tonnes.

Pack house and Equipment

The packing shed has a processing capacity of up to 25 tonnes and is equipped with modern driers, de-husking machinery and cracking and sorting machinery.

It is laid out in three distinct areas, de-husking, drying, and crack and pack. The crack and pack facility has recently been newly lined and lit in anticipation of requirements under the new food bill.

The current owners can show that business can be readily obtained to exceed this capacity.

The orchard is fully equipped with a Holder 4wd balloon tyred 48HP tractor, of mature vintage.  There is also a tractor mounted carry tray, wide mower, fertiliser spreader, slash chipper, grader blade and spray unit.

A small orchard utility truck, mower and various hand tools including crop picking gear, aprons, ladders, pickers and bins are included with the sale of the business.

Aotea Macadamias Equipment

Aotea Macadamias Equipment

The business has an Internet presence which can be found at  The web site also has a BED & BREAKFAST menu tab which provides details and prices for the home stay operation run in conjunction with the macadamia and gallery business.


  • Value of the nut in shell from Aotea Macadamia’s own orchard (approximately 1 tonne) is NZ$3000.
  • Value of nut in shell product brought in from other growers(approximately 9 tonne) is NZ$27,000
  • Total value of all product nut in shell is NZ$30,000
  • The quantity of nut kernel from 10 tonne of nut in shell is 3000 kilograms approximately.
  • Wholesale value of processed kernel is NZ$75,000
  • The gross profit margin to cover operation of packing shed and approx 1700 part time hours is $45,000.


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