Art Gallery

The Ultimate Work Life Merge

The property has previously run an art gallery/studio and while this is not currently operating, it would take minimal effort to re-establish this facet of the business.

When this purpose built room and the extension to the master bedroom were done in 2003 the studio was fitted out with all of the necessary infrastructure and a wall mounted hanging system to professionally display paintings and works of art.

This is another opportunity just waiting to be re-kindled or alternatively it would make a great studio for an artist wishing to offer art classes to the local community or in fact  guests staying who would be interested in a training seminar over a short stay period.  Easels and print stands are available and extra large drawers and stands will hold prints and paintings comfortably.  The external double doored entrance allows clients access from a wide weather proof deck without entering the actual dwelling.  When first built the studio/gallery also housed a treadmill and Weider exercise machine to double as a gym.

 Art Gallery

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