Landscaping your Lifestyle Block?

Landscaping your Lifestyle Block?

Finding the perfect piece of land is only the beginning…

Landscaping your lifestyle block will add value, create atmosphere, and add to your enjoyment. These are our top suggestions for beautifying your land.

Once you have settled on the right piece of land, the next steps often include landscaping and planting: and the difference this can make to your environment is astonishing. From adding ponds and lakes through to leveling your land and adding retaining walls; your landscaping options are vast and varied; the only limit is your budget!

So what are our top choices for landscaping your lifestyle block?

Create a Lake

So you couldn’t afford that lakeside home you always dreamed of? No problems! Simply bring the lake to you. Creating lakes is big business for Northland landscaping experts, and once you see the results of their efforts, it’s easy to see why! Starting with excavation, and moving on to drainage, lining, erosion matting, the establishment of water ingress and right through to the final steps of adding boulders and river stones, the entire process can be completed quickly and relatively easily. Of course, employing the services of a professional landscaping team will save you time, money and a lot of effort. Voila: your lakeside haven!


On the level

If you’ve purchased land with a sloping aspect, you may be inclined to level out areas for more relaxed enjoyment. Perhaps you have purchased a cliff-side retreat, an ideal opportunity to create retained walkways and stepped gardens. Again, using a landscaping company will allow you a much bigger scope than anything you could possibly achieve on your own; not to mention ensuring the longevity of your project by following best practice guidelines. When retaining sloped land to create level ground, every aspect of the process must be carefully planned and executed: from your use of materials through to the angle of the walls and the slope of the ground, any mistake could cause a collapse of your hard work.

Shelter from the elements

Many lifestyle block owners find themselves, after a year or so of living on their new property, in the position of wanting to make substantial changes to their immediate surroundings. Often these changes are triggered by the need for increased shelter from the elements: prevailing winds being at the top of the list! It is always wise to wait a year or so before making any large-scale changes, simply to give yourself a chance to experience the lifestyle block in all weathers across all seasons. Once you have pinpointed the changes you need to make; it is a good idea to discuss your concepts with a landscape professional. Often, they will highlight areas of concern or possibly an easier way to achieve your desired outcome. This could save you a lot of time and money!


Plant me up!

The final step in many landscaping plans is the planting stage. In much the same way any large-scale landscaping projects are best planned and executed by professionals; so it is with planting. Planting is a deceptively scientific process, with certain plants thriving in quite specific environments. Should your planting site be too windy, too exposed, too damp or too shady your chosen plants may not survive: leading to one very frustrated, very out-of-pocket landowner!

Our advice is to contact a landscape company and at the very least employ their services to create a ‘planting map’ of your property. This will allow you to understand the best plants for each location, and will minimise your potential losses. If you have just landscaped a large area, remember it can take around 2 years for your planting to take hold and ‘soften’ the area: don’t be hasty in your choice of plants, as they’ll be there for a long time to come!

These landscaping ideas will not only add value to your property, they will also add value to your lifestyle. After all: this is what owning a lifestyle block is really all about!

Still looking for that perfect block of land? Contact the lifestyle block experts at goodGround Real Estate, we’re here to help!



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