Moving to Ruakaka: how leaving Auckland changed our lives!

Moving to Ruakaka: how leaving Auckland changed our lives!

How leaving Auckland changed our lives!

For Pete and Tanya and their 2 children, making the decision to move from Auckland up to Ruakaka was a big one. However, one year on from their shift, they’re glad it’s a decision they were brave enough to make: despite the hurdles along the way!

Two years ago, Pete and Tanya realised that something had to change. The cost of renting a small, 2-bed unit in the North Shore was setting them back $465 per week – and the house was barely big enough for them and their two children. Add to that the frequent rental inspections and the lack of security (they’d already been moved on a few times due to owner sales), the family knew they had to take a long hard look at their future in Auckland. The reality was that the housing market was pricing them out; so the decision was made to explore options further north.

Luckily, Pete and Tanya had a connection with Ruakaka, having holidayed and visited the area for over 10 years as a family. They also had friends who had recently made a similar shift, so they had a fair idea of what they wanted to achieve, and what they were looking for. Being a teacher, Tanya also knew that she could relocate with her career fairly easily – Pete on the other hand was going to have to commute for a while. This was a major sticking point for the family, but one that they decided they could live with in exchange for a solid family home and a better financial outlook.

Although it’s been hard on Tanya and the kids not having Pete around as much as they were used to, Tanya believes that the shift was still well worthwhile. The very first day they were in their new home, their neighbours popped over: something that had never happened when living in Auckland. The kids are often outdoors riding their bikes or playing in the garden – with an 812sq metre section, they’re experiencing an outdoor lifestyle that they just couldn’t have afforded on the North Shore.

The family are also enjoying the smaller school sizes, and the country ‘everyone knows your name’ experience. They’re able to grow a vegetable garden, can finally get a pet, and are spending a lot of time at the beach too. While life is still a bit hard with Pete’s commute, they both know that it won’t last forever, and their vision of the future is bright.

GoodGround Real Estate are excited to have helped Tanya, Pete and their kids achieve the Northland lifestyle they were dreaming of – The goodGround team made a real impression on the family, with their helpful, genuinely friendly approach. We’re committed to making the transition to our rural lifestyle as easy and enjoyable as possible: contact our team to learn more!


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