Lifestyle Block Drainage: Laying drains? Read this first!

Considering laying drainage on your lifestyle block? Take a moment to check the basics!

Before you book a digger, make sure you’ve checked off the points below – lifestyle block drainage can be a large and complicated undertaking, but with a bit of forethought, you can be the proud owner of a well-drained plot in no time!

Check your plans!

The first thing you should do before jumping into lifestyle block drainage is to check your paperwork. Did you receive a plan of your land, containing existing drainage, telephone cables, and power cables? Yes? Fantastic! Full speed ahead to the next point. No? Look harder. Still nothing? Unless your land is a completely bare block with no evidence of any service distribution, then I would just check with your local council to be on the safe side. We have heard many, MANY stories of drain layers beginning their excavation process only to inadvertently cut through existing services and even existing concrete pipes… not the best way to start the process! So check for existing plans prior to starting any earthmoving work on your new land.

Call your local surveyor

Engage the services of a surveyor; their advice will be indispensable when it comes to assessing the correct placement of drainage on your lifestyle block. Your surveyor will measure the slope of your property, and will advise you on the degree of slope needed to efficiently drain your property. Yes, this may take more time and effort, and yes, this may cost more – however should you decide not to take a surveyor’s advice, you may just find yourself spending the same amount of money and effort to correct an expensive mistake.

Planning, planning, planning!

Yes, this is starting to sound repetitive, however the fact remains: plans are essential for the future of your lifestyle block. Absolutely everything that you do to your land, you must keep a record of: not least for council investigations and audits! When it comes to lifestyle block drainage, you must keep an accurate record of your drain laying, so that future excavations will not undo your hard work. Map out the placement, depth, width and type of all drains, on an accurate map of your land. Your future self will thank you.

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