Lifestyle Block Escapes

Lifestyle Block Escapes

DIY Lifestyle Block Escapes: Summer living on your own land!


Glamping, safari tents, meditation retreats, forest bathing – the back-to-nature movement has become so popular that many people now pay a premium for the pleasure of ‘roughing it’ – so why not make your own lifestyle block escape? It’s cheaper, more fun, and so much closer to home…

Do you own a lifestyle block or a piece of land? If so, then this article is for you. What could be better than coming home to your own retreat? Forget the long hot hours in the car with your grizzling kids, just to get to some overcrowded campsite with 200 other families packed in at the same time. Imagine stepping out of your front door, ready for a mini-break or family vacation, and walking (or driving, depending on how big your land is!) out to your own piece of paradise. Quiet, secluded, personalised to your own tastes, and fully stocked with everything delicious. Sounds too good to be true, right? Take a look at these ideas!

Glamping on your lifestyle block: a little outlay for a lot of relaxation


Yes, camping with kids is stressful, and camping as adults is definitely less comfortable than you remembered as a youngster! The packing, the travelling, the unpacking, the setting up, the repacking, the travelling, the unpacking and, of course, the post-camp cleaning. It’s not exactly a holiday for the adults, is it? If you love to camp, but hate all of the palaver that goes with it, then home glamping could be the ideal solution for you.

What you’ll need:

  • A glamping tent or safari tent
  • Preferably a platform to set up on
  • Ablutions shed/space or long-drop set up
  • Water containers or supply
  • Cooking solution – gas works well
  • Refrigeration optional!
  • A quiet, secluded space on your land; min 10m x 10m

What it costs:

Depending on the quality of safari tent you’re after, prices can vary from as little as $1,500 (direct from China, lightweight canvas with PU coating, 4 x 5mtr size, non-opening windows), right up to over $35,000 for a fully-constructed wooden platform, wooden frame, and heavy canvas 10×10 metre tent. Depending on what you’re planning, a higher quality tent could lend itself to a casual Air BnB side business when you’re not using it yourself, making it more of a long-term investment. With punters paying up to $200 per night for the pleasure of sleeping in well-set up glamping tents, this isn’t a farfetched idea! We recommend clearing a space at least 10x10mtr just to give yourself room to relax, to have outdoor dining and seating areas.

Bush block escapes: forest cabins, night walks and outdoor baths

If you’re lucky enough to own a bush block, then you already have the ideal getaway destination! Crafting a DIY holiday in your bush block is as easy as choosing the right spot. For the cheapest option, simply look for a suitable piece of level ground – or, if your budget allows for it, find a place you can level out, or if that doesn’t suit your tastes (or your land) then go for a pole-construction. Your bush is your sanctuary, make the most of it! We’ve had clients who have had great success building simple structures within their bush blocks, using them for mini-breaks, school holiday getaways, and even celebrations. One of our favourite stories came from a family who built their bush cabins scattered throughout their land, connecting them with walkways strung with fairy lights through the trees. Each tiny cabin was different, in fact they also used a caravan and a tent to complete their dream escape. They added a private fire-heated outdoor bath area (which happened to be next to a stream, making water access easy) and a central covered eating and cooking space: their family has been using it and adding to it for generations now.

For this DIY lifestyle block escape, your imagination is the limit. From hammocks under a canopy through to shacks and forest cabins: how you construct your bush getaway is a large part of the fun!

Would you like to have your own retreat in your backyard? Contact our team today for a full list of lifestyle blocks for sale in your area!

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