Lifestyle blocks in Whangarei: Where city and country meet!

If you hanker for a laidback, country lifestyle with all the possibilities and opportunities of a city, then a lifestyle block in Whangarei is for you!

We understand how you feel – you’re a country person at heart, but you like the convenience of living in the city and are reluctant to give that all up. You yearn for a country lifestyle but don’t want to live in the sticks.

What if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds – living on your very own lifestyle block, enjoying everything a country life has to offer, all within a few minutes’ drive of a thriving, growing city! That sounds too good to be true, we hear you cry. Well, read on, because we have a real surprise in store for you.

Small city feel with big opportunities

Whangarei, approximately 160kms north of Auckland, is a small city with a big future. With an expanding population and an economy that is growing year on year, Whangarei is a happening place to be. It’s a great time to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities a city on the rise has on offer.

Specialists in lifestyle blocks

You’re spoilt for choice in terms of areas offering great lifestyle block opportunities – all just minutes from Whangarei’s CBD. Places such as Maunu, Maungatapere, Kauri, Parua Bay, Whareora and Otaika Valley are all within a few minutes’ drive from the city and all offer that wonderful, laid-back rural lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. They also boast great schools and small shopping centres and close-knit, welcoming communities.

The goodGround team are passionate about life in Whangarei and we can help you find the right lifestyle block in the area best suited to you. Including the whole Whangarei District stretching from Langs Beach/Waipu in the South, all the way to Bland Bay in the North and everywhere in between

Earn money off your lifestyle block

Depending on what your interests are and how much work you are prepared to put in, you can earn money from your lifestyle block. Smaller lifestyle blocks are ideal for growing fresh produce for local farmers’ markets. Whangarei has a subtropical climate, so the range of vegetables and fruits you can grow is huge. Even if you only have a couple of acres, you can grow an impressive amount of vegetables, herbs and fruits for your family, your friends and to sell locally.

Bigger lifestyle blocks lend themselves to raising animals for meat and other products. You’d don’t have to tend to a whole herd of cows – all you need is enough land for a beast or two and you’ve paid off your rates! There are several home kill businesses based around Whangarei, and we all agree that meat you have raised yourself tastes superior to the plastic wrapped meat you find at the supermarket! Or, if you fancy trying your hand at cheese making, a house cow or goat is all you need to get started. Cheese making courses are run by local cheesemakers throughout the year, so there’s a great network of support and go-to people.

Putting the life in lifestyle

Naturally, the main reason people choose to live on lifestyle blocks is the lifestyle! Whangarei offers the best kind of lifestyle anyone could wish for – and it’s all so close at hand. If you love long family walks, exploring nature, Whangarei has it. If you love water sports, fishing or hanging out at the beach, Whangarei has some of the best beaches in New Zealand and the world! If you and your family love being involved in sports teams, then Whangarei is a great place to move to as the wide and interesting array of sports on offer is impressive.

Ready to live the life you’ve always wanted? Move your family to a community full of exciting opportunities: a lifestyle block in Whangarei is the right move for you.

The team at goodGround Real Estate are always happy to chat and to help you find your dream Whangarei lifestyle block. Contact us today to make your dream come true!

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