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If you’ve been looking for a lifestyle property for sale in Northland, the time has never been better! With city centre house prices continuing to rise and the cost of living becoming almost ridiculous in some areas of New Zealand, the lure of country living has never been so strong. The kiwi dream of living off your own land, growing your own food and managing your own smallholding is much more than a lifestyle: it’s a ticket out of the rat race, and a chance to start saving some of your hard-earned cash.

With the right piece of land here in Northland, buyers are able to not only support their own families with food grown on their lifestyle property, but alternative energy options are also becoming more and more popular. Many Northland land buyers are also capitalising on the tourism industry up North, offering AirBnB cabins on their land, or simply opening their land up for use during the summer camping season.

Owning your own piece of land in Northland is something that many people dream of – and our role here at goodGround is to make that dream a reality!

GoodGround: connecting people to the land

Our team don’t just sell pieces of real estate. This is our point of difference: and it’s a big one! We connect people with the piece of land that will work best for them, depending on their needs, their situation, and their experience level. We offer genuine advice and support for those who are new to lifestyle property living, telling it how it is: warts and all. Living away from city conveniences isn’t a fit for everyone, and the reality of owning and maintaining a lifestyle block – whether it’s a smallholding, an organic horticultural project, a family lifestyle change or a business idea – can often be quite daunting for many. This is why our experienced and down-to-earth property team will walk potential buyers through the realities of owning a lifestyle block, step by step. We won’t pull any punches, because for us, it’s not about simply selling a piece of land, it’s about welcoming people into the lifestyle that we ourselves love so much.

Northland lifestyle blocks for sale from Auckland to Whangarei and beyond

lifestyle property ggw11468We have a portfolio of listings with lifestyle blocks for sale from Auckland up to Whangarei and beyond. Contact us directly to discuss your needs, and we will work with you to find your ideal piece of land, your perfect home, or your investment property.

goodGround Real Estate: passionate about connecting people to the land!

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