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Mortgage Advice – Fridays at goodGround Office, Waipu

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Mortgage Advice specialist,  Mike Whittaker of  Mike Whittaker Mortgages is onsite at our office from 9.00am Fridays, and is available during the weekend by appointment.

  • Save you Money – Mike Whittaker Mortgages offers a free service and can save you money by getting the best deal for your new or existing mortgage.
  • Find the Best Bank – Mike Whittaker Mortgages has a strong relationship with all the major lending institutions and can help get the best financial package for you.
  • Independent Advice – Mike Whittaker Mortgages works for you, the client. We are not aligned with any lending institution so you know when you talk to us you are getting completely independent advice

    Please call 09 432 1077

    goodGround Real Estate Office
    3 The Centre

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