Reasons to leave Auckland #2

Reasons to leave Auckland #2

Improving your Quality of Life

One Family’s experience: Improving your quality of life by moving to the country

For Tracey and her husband, the decision to leave Auckland and move to the green fields of Northland came from a desire to improve the quality of their lives: but it was by no means an easy process. Sacrifices had to be made, and adjustments in lifestyle too. Was it all worth it in the end?

We asked Tracey a few pointed questions about her experience of leaving Auckland city for a new start in the country!

Where were you living before you moved up North?

Originally from the UK my husband and I lived two years in Dubai, two years in Qatar and a year in Singapore.  We then came to New Zealand and lived over two years in Auckland.

What prompted the decision to move?

We were granted residency and after our travels wanted to put down some roots, where we could achieve work/life balance

Were you worried/nervous about the move to the country?

It was a big step giving up our full time jobs, well the money really!  My husband planned to start his own business, which was a gamble, and I was planning to work part time.

What were your friends’ and family reactions to your proposed move?

Practically everyone said that they were envious as it was something they would like to do, leave the city and live at a slower pace on their terms.

Did your friends and family have any preconceptions about moving North?

Numerous people knew Waipu and had fond memories of it.  They seemed to spend their childhood Christmas holidays here.

What were your own family’s feelings about moving? Were your children excited or nervous?

My son is twenty six and remained living in Auckland.  He now has the best of both worlds!

What was the hardest thing to leave behind in the city?

For me the hardest was leaving my son.  A part from that I haven’t looked back!

Leave the big cityHave you been surprised by anything about country life? 

Practically everything I need is in Waipu.  For example a Four Square, pharmacy, hairdressers, gas, Indian restaurant and liquor store.  Everyone has been welcoming and friendly.  There is always something going on.  For a small community Waipu amazes me with the quality of events it organises.  This includes the Annual Caledonian Games and the Art in Tartan.

Is there anything that you or your family are missing about the city?


What are you finding to be the major benefits of living out of the city? 

The major benefits include:

  • No time wasted in traffic jams
  • 10 -15 minutes from Uretiti beach, Waipu Cove and Langs beach. What a fantastic way to start the day.
  • Less stress

What would be your message to anyone considering a similar move?

We made the move as we wanted to improve the quality of our lives.  It was scary giving up our jobs, particularly without a guaranteed income, but things just seemed to fall into place.  We don’t have the income we once did but our lives have improved tenfold.  There is so little stress now and we have more time to pursue our interests.  If we ever have any doubts, sitting on our deck with a glass of wine in our hands, overlooking the beautiful countryside with a glimpse of the sea soon puts them to rest.

My advice to anyone considering a similar move is to bite the bullet and do it now; things have a way of falling into place and working out!

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