A day in the life of a rural salesperson

A day in the life of a rural salesperson

Coping with the unexpected

The alarm goes off at 5:00am.  My eyes are open but I can’t see anything.  I realize that this is due to daylight saving.  How stupid is that?  Only last week when I awoke it was light enough to see.  Mentally consigning the rule makers to the ranks of “worse than a real estate salesperson”, I get my running clothes on and hit the road. The metal road surface is unfriendly when you can’t see it.  After a half hour run and a few push-ups I’m in a better frame of mind.

During a bite of breakfast, I think about the day ahead and tick off what I need to do in my mind.  First appointment is 7:30am, an hours drive away.  During the drive I think of what I want to achieve at this appointment.  A farmer has asked for an appraisal on a 25-hectare block.  He is raising calves on this block.  He wants to sell and purchase a larger block.  At this meeting I would like to:

  1. get a signed exclusive agency agreement
  2. ascertain what sort of property he would like to purchase

Thanks to my outstanding PA, I’m fully prepared and have a listing form already partly filled out.  Not only that, she has provided me with a comprehensive pre-listing booklet which I can go through in conjunction with the client.  These preparations make me pretty confident of achieving my objectives.

As I arrive at the block the heavens open – hail, thunder, lightening – the whole works.  We take shelter in the old cowshed.  We can’t even hear each other’s shouts because the rain is so hard on the tin roof.  This lasts for about ½ hour and then the sun comes out.  I then get a free conducted tour around the block.  I think how lucky I am to have a job like this.  The client gives me plenty of information about his future plans.  From this information I discern that he is not particularly motivated to purchase another property as he has travel in mind.  I mentally shelve my second objective!  After talking him through the well-prepared market information about his property and agreeing on a realistic price he gives me an exclusive listing but only for 8 weeks.  I would have preferred 12 weeks but it’s not a bad result all the same.

By this time its lunchtime and I eat my sandwiches on the drive back to the office.  I just make it back in time to meet clients who have come up from Auckland to look at a lifestyle block.  I’m keen to nail a sale and I know my clients are keen to buy.  We spend the whole afternoon looking at a property they really like.  They finally ask me to make an offer to the salesperson that holds the exclusive agency.  I do this and its handshakes all round.

We are travelling back to the office all feeling pretty pleased with ourselves when the phone goes – the salesperson informs us that we are in a multiple offer situation.  My clients are gutted!  We get back to the office and re-group.  We decide to go in with our best offer.  We do the business and now it’s just a matter of waiting.  The clients leave to go back to Auckland at around 5:00pm.

I then attend a sports meeting for an hour and afterwards meet a client who has had his property listed with me for over 6 months.  We discuss ways in which we can “re-invent” his property for the market.  On the second glass of red we start to get inspiration and come up with a couple of good ideas.  After a good meal we both feel optimistic that we can present the property in a new light and get a sale.  Driving home from the restaurant I reflect on the day and think how enjoyable it’s been and how much fun it is to deal with the great “unexpected”.

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