Presenting Your Home

You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, so the first impression you make on a buyer can influence their decision on whether to purchase your house or not.


  • House number and tidy letterbox in easy-to-see position
  • Driveway  concrete cleaned (waterblast if necessary)
  • Paint work in good repair and looking new discuss with sales consultant if major work is still to be done
  • Spouting cleaned and in good repair
  • Garage/carport clean and tidy
  • Rubbish tidy or cleared away
  • Cracked or broken windows repaired
  • Hedges and shrubs pruned, edges and lawns cut
  • Garden weeded
  • Splash of colourful flowers added to the garden
  • Fences in good order
  • Dust and cobwebs removed


  • Entrance way is clean, neat, tidy and uncluttered
  • Door bell works
  • All chipped paint, cracked plaster and wallpaper repaired
  • Door, window, cupboard latches all open and close easily
  • Walls, floors and windows are clean
  • Lights work.  If needed leave some lights on to create atmosphere
  • Cooking and pet odours absent
  • Home heated/cooled to pleasant temperature
  • Halls/stairways are tidy and uncluttered
  • Drapes open
  • Carpets freshly vacuumed
  • Unnecessary items cleared away to make rooms look bigger, without leaving the rooms looking sparse discuss this with your sales consultant


  • Dishes washed & put away
  • Taps, doors and drawers repaired
  • Sinks, taps & bench tops cleaned & polished
  • Appliances cleaned
  • Small appliances put away
  • Benches cleaned & polished
  • Cupboards and pantry neat & tidy


  • Mirrors, fixtures, taps & surfaces cleaned & polished
  • Taps in good working order
  • Seals around bath and basin in good repair
  • Floors cleaned
  • Rubbish bins emptied
  • Cupboards and cabinets neat and tidy inside


  • Vases of fresh flowers
  • Aroma of fresh baking
  • Light background music
  • A cosy open fire in winter
  • Pets should be absent during showing


  • Jewellery and valuables locked away securely or taken with you
  • Valuables, such as art, vases, figurines, mementos, are safely situated or locked away