Selling Checklist

Insist on an explanation of the Listing Form

When a salesperson asks you to sign an Agency Agreement Authority, they must also give you the New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreements Guide. This guide will provide information about the agency agreements, where to get more information, how to make complaints and what to expect from your agent.


Keep your listing time short

You will find it better to limit the time that you are tied to a salesperson or company. Generally 40 -50 days (6 weeks) is enough to give your property the best chance of selling. Putting a time limit on selling means your agent is accountable and works hard with you all the time. Best results are achieved by listing with one company at a time i.e. sole agency or exclusive.


Presentation – First impressions count. 

Make sure the entrance to your property looks good. Fresh paint and newly mowed lawns create an immediate impressive impact. Neat and tidy are winners every time.


Avoid Discounters

Cheap agents tend to get cheap prices. Be wary of agents who discount their commission. Anyone who discounts may be concentrating on selling as fast as possible as it is not in their interest to spend too long on the process. You are better to employ a strong negotiator who will achieve the best possible price in the market. The best possible price will always be better than saving a few dollars on the discounted commission. Ask the agent about their negotiating skills!!


Check the agent and the company

Make sure you feel you can trust the agent. If you don’t trust the agent do not sign the Listing Form.


Ask for the agents track record

Is the agent a specialist? Does the agent have knowledge of the property market and your area? Does the company have a good reputation? Research the company website, if it is of high caliber it’s likely the company will be supportive of your needs when you are selling. Ask the agent if they understand Principled negotiation techniques.


Make sure your selling price is todays price

Yesterdays price is gone. Tomorrows price may be lower than the price you can get today. Sellers sometimes cost themselves money because they hold out for a price that is no longer achievable in todays market. Do not fall into the trap of following the market down.



Be prepared to negotiate the conditions of sale. If the buyer wishes to settle earlier than you wish to move, see if you can compromise. Remember, a small compromise may be the difference in making the sale happen.


Code of Compliance Certificate

This is useful to have available.